"POLAR PAK COMPANY., a part of Waddington North America (WNA), is a Canadian based company and a NovelexTM brand.


POLAR PAK® is a leader in the manufacture of foodservice and food packaging plastic containers - serving the food processor, bakery, grocery, catering, take-out, retail, and hospitality markets.  


POLAR PAK also manufactures custom products and provides custom printing.  In addition to products manufactured in Canada, POLAR PAK markets products produced by sister brands, WNA and Eco-Products, thereby providing unparalleled one-stop shopping convenience across Canada.  


POLAR PAK’s offices and plants are located in Brampton, Ontario and Montréal (St. Laurent), Québec. All our manufacturing plants are BRC and Kosher certified and comply with industry standards for safety. Our materials are approved for food contact, and our facilities are inspected regularly by third party auditors."

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